Custom Print Orders (DTF and UV DTF)

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Custom Prints


You can now access our entire image library directly from SheetBuilder!

This new feature will allow you to add any of our images into your gang sheets (for both DTF and UV), and size them as you please. Best of all, they're completely FREE!

To access our designs, simply click the link below to open SheetBuilder, and from there, click 'Our Design' on the left side of your screen.


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Custom DTF Printing

We offer both retail and wholesale printing rates. For additional information on wholesale printing, please visit our Wholesale Program page.

To place a custom DTF order, we offer two options for submitting your files:

1. Use our free SheetBuilder app. This option is 100% beginner friendly and allows you to simply drag and drop your images onto the sheet space you've selected.

2. Upload your own gang sheets. For intermediates/professionals, we also offer a file upload option, where you can provide us with your ready-to-print gang sheets. This option should also be used if you're looking to order an individual image.

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Custom DTF Transfer Orders (For Clothing)

Pricing is based on the size of the design(s), with discounts offered for larger volume orders. If you are unsure of the pricing, please contact us and we will be happy to explain how it works and provide you with a detailed quote.

Please review the Digital Artwork Requirements found at the bottom of this page prior to placing an order.

To place a custom DTF print order, please select from one of the options below.

OPTION 1: Custom DTF Transfers (Heat Transfers for Fabric)

SheetBuilder Option (all sizes)

Use this option if you would like to use our SheetBuilder app to prepare your gang sheet and submit your custom DTF order.

Although SheetBuilder has built-in features to help you avoid some of the common mistakes when submitting images, we recommend that you review our Digital Artwork Requirements below.

Recommended for all skill levels - beginner friendly!

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OPTION 2: Custom DTF Transfers (Heat Transfers for Fabric)

Upload Your Own File Option (all sizes)

Use this option if you have already prepared your gang sheet and would like to upload the file. If you have already created your own gang sheet, please use the 'self-upload' option below.

Please review our Digital Artwork Requirements below before submitting your file(s).

Recommended for users who have experience with submitting DTF orders and/or graphic experience.

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UV DTF Custom Order *ONLY USE IF ORDERING 12-29 SHEETS* Blue Drop Transfers

UV DTF (Cup Wraps and for Hard Surfaces)

We offer custom prints for UV DTF transfers in 11.8 x 28" sheets. 1 sheet can typically accommodate 6, 16oz. glass wraps, plus some smaller designs.

Designs must be provided on a gang sheet. Never created a gang sheet? No problem! Use our SheetBuilder app and take all of the guess work out of creating a gang sheet. Start by selecting one of the listings above, and click 'Go To SheetBuilder' to get started.


1-11 Sheets: $15 USD/ $20 CAD each

12-29 Sheets: $12.25 USD/ $16.50 CAD each

30+ Sheets: $9.50 USD/ $12.50 CAD each

Please review the Digital Artwork Requirements found at the bottom of this page prior to placing an order.

Digital Artwork Requirements for Custom Print Orders

Please note that these requirements and considerations apply to both custom DTF and UV DTF orders, except where noted.

Resolution/ Image Quality:

All individual files/images should be at 300dpi resolution to achieve a quality print result. We can print at lower resolutions, but please be aware that the lower the dpi, the lower the image quality and therefore lower quality print result. Low resolution = blurry/pixelated prints

The printing process needs a high quality image to have a clean and neat image. Check your edge quality and watch out for pixeled edges in your images, they will print and appear as a white outline around the perimeter of your design. You can avoid this with high resolution art. 

File Format:

For manually submitted orders (not using the gang sheet builder), we accept .PNG, .SVG, .PDF and .PSD file formats

Image Transparency

Please ensure all images have transparent backgrounds. A white background is NOT a transparent background. If you do not remove the background, your order will be printed with a background.

A checkered background usually indicates that it is transparent.

Image Formating:

  • DO NOT MIRROR YOUR ARTWORK.  Our software does this automatically.
  • Send your artwork at the exact size you want it printed. 
  • If your image has a white square/box around it, it will print
  • Lines/small features in your artwork must be at least 2pts. Anything less may not print properly and/or have enough surface area for the adhesive to sufficiently cover.

Sheet Sizing:

DTF (Clothing) Transfers: Maximum sheet width is 22 inches x length of your choosing.

UV DTF (Decals/ Cup Wraps): Sheet size is 11.8"W x 28"H. If you have a project which requires a longer sheet sizes, please contact us and we can discuss options and pricing.


Please be aware that there may be some variation in the colours on your screen and the final print result. While we aim to provide as close of a match as possible, the colour profile of the image may result in a variance. We recommend profiling your artwork in CMYK if possible. Pantone/colour matching services are not offered.

Also, please be aware that colour interpretation varies between different monitors/ screens.

Small, Fine Print: Please keep your text to a minimum of .35" tall for optimum print quality and adherence. Any details smaller than this may have difficulty adhering to the garment.

It is YOUR responsibility to prepare your gang sheet/images in accordance with our Digital Artwork Requirements. While we perform a quick QA/QC check on orders to ensure they meet basic requirements, it is YOUR responsibility to ensure your artwork is prepared in accordance with our requirements.


Return Policy: We are unable to offer returns or exchanges as all items are printed as orders come in with your specifications.

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